Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg Amateur Radio Club
439.125 Mhz -7.6Mhz Split 88.5 Tone
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Here you will find information on building an inexpensive 88.5 Hz CTCSS tone board that can be used in amateur radio transceivers and other transceivers . Read more

Description. A circuit diagram that can be used for the generation of CW Morse code is shown here. Read More

Description. Low power ( 3 to 30 MHz)  transmitters constructed by hams are generally called QRP’s. Read More

I will provide a detailed blueprint that is a little better than what I’ve seen out there. Read more
How to perfectly clean wires in minutes

Here is an old ham radio operator’s trick for cleaning wires for soldering that are old and
corroded. It is hard to find this technique printed anywhere! I am a ham, Read More
The 160-meter antenna dilemma

If you're not getting the top-band results you expected, you'll find these antenna tips of use.

It is always a pleasure to welcome newcomers to the "gentlemen's band," as 160 meters has been called for many years,Read More
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