Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg Amateur Radio Club
439.125 Mhz -7.6Mhz Split 88.5 Tone
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6m Experimental Fm Repeater

We have obtained two 6m Fm radios and two 70cm Fm radios and they have been programmed in order to be used as a repeater. Our intention is to situate the transmitter and receiver a fair distance apart at two separate sites and link both via UHF (70cm, but not the existing 70cm repeater). This offers quite a few variations for access to the 6m repeater. This initiates another project for the club. We as a Club need to build 2x 6m ½λ Gamma matched vertical antennas for the transmitter and receiving stations respectively. Initially these will be used as the test antennas. UHF yagi’s will be used for the link between the two sites.
The reasons for using UHF as a link between the transmitter and receiver are:
  • The requirement for 6x large cavity filters is eliminated.
  • It enables users who do not have 6m transmitting equipment, but only receiving equipment to work persons
 on 6m via the UHF link mentioned above.
  • Cross modulation and desensing of equipment is eliminated while cost savings improve.

We also hope to increase the coverage area at a later stage by building better antennas with increased gain.  
Fox Hunting / ARDF

David has developed a DF-AT Unit that can be built and installed between your receiver and your direction finding antenna. A prototype board was built and is being tested.

4m Activity and Interest group

Activity on the 70MHz is very limited in respect of day to day participation. Although there is huge interest, this band is mainly used during contesting. We want to increase the amount of stations active on this band by assisting in the obtaining/building of transverters as well as antennas. Access to knowledgeable persons to guide and assist us is available.
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